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The World’s Most Expensive Dollhouse is 8.5M

The world’s most expensive dollhouse costs more than an entire estate.

worlds most expensive dollhouse

Called the Astolat Dollhouse Castle, the most pricey dollhouse in the world costs a whopping $8.5 million, which is more than enough to buy you an entire estate in many places. The museum-quality house is 800 pounds and 9 feet tall, with 29 rooms and wizard’s tower. Inspired by the fantasy castle ‘Astolat’ in Alfred Tennyson’s poem Lady of the Shalott, the castle took 13 years to build and was built primarily by miniature artist Elaine Diehl.

Part of the high price point has to do with the fact that it features a copper roof, and the walls are all hand-crafted paper-mache covered with a rough faux-stone finish. It comes with about 30,000 high quality miniatures made from real gold, sterling silver, and precious stones like lapis lazuli. The bottles in the castles’ bar contain real alcohol, and the dining room has a silver flatware set worth $5,000 alone. Even the library contains a collection of miniature books that can be read under a magnifying glass including the world’s smallest bible and a miniature Torah.

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The Astolat Dollhouse is undoubtedly the most expensive dollhouse in the world, and arguably the most extravagant, so if you have a few extra million laying around and want to introduce your daughter or son to the world of luxury real estate early on, perhaps this is the dollhouse for you.

worlds most expensive dollhouse

worlds most expensive dollhouse

worlds most expensive dollhouse

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