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Where to Get Your Very Own Tiny House

If you are considering micro-living, consider these micro-home manufacturers.

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Tiny Heirloom Homes, customizable size, $79,000 base price. This house (the luxury version) includes granite countertops, real wood or bamboo floors, stainless steel appliances, and a washer/dryer.

As prices in the market soar as a result of a good economy, people are considering the micro-living trend with more seriousness. Space is at a premium in urban areas like New York and San Francisco, and now more than ever people are foregoing the luxury of space, for freedom, and cost effectiveness.

I am personally intrigued by the micro-living trend, seeing as how I have lived in New York for 8 years (so basically I have lots of experience living in small spaces), but I often wonder where I could learn more.

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These three tiny home manufacturers are a great place to go for more information, or for the tiny home of your dreams, if you have already made up your mind.

Regardless of whether you live in a palatial mansion, or a broom closet on Bowery, owning a micro-home doesn’t have to be out of your reach.

micro homes


Toy Box Tiny Home, 140 sq. ft., $35,000 base price. The price was reduced from $48,000, so this company is perfect for bargain hunters. These homes feature a sliding glass door, built-in planters, customizable storage, and a loft that fits a king-size bed.

micro homes

Monarch Tiny Homes, 170 sq. ft., $22,000-$47,000 base price. Perfect for DIY’s because the price varies on how much work you put in, personally, this home features plywood floors, recycled siding, a composting toilet, and LED lighting.



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