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Tiny Living: You No Longer Need to Sacrifice Luxury for Size

Tiny houses are becoming more luxurious than ever.

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Anyone who has ever turned on HGTV has probably seen at least one tiny house show, so you know that more often than not, tiny houses aren’t super luxe. In fact, tiny houses were created to move away from the luxury lifestyle, in favor of a more ‘bare necessities’ type of living situation.

Since the tiny home trend started however, it has grown so big that it was only a matter of time before luxury found a way to downsize itself into a smaller, more palatable package.

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This tiny home exemplifies how you can achieve elegant design even in a small space. Built by an Alabama based homebuilder called Tiny in a Box, this model is only a few hundred square feet, and is made from recycled, sustainable, and organic materials. It features a full service bathroom, elegant kitchen, a bedroom, and living space, as well as huge windows to bring the outside in. There is also an available outdoor deck to really maximize the amount of livable space.

This luxury tiny home is called the West End Model, and the base cost is $60,000. It’s a small price to pay however, to own a tiny home with so much space, and a full-service bathroom.

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