Three Ways to Declutter Your Home

Toys everywhere, decorations still up and disorganization all around… does this sound like your home right now? Interior Decorator Liz Toombs has advice to declutter for now and year-round.

3 simple solutions to declutter your home by Liz Toombs, C.I.D.

declutter your home

New toys, plastic storage bins, the remains of holiday decor… there’s a good change there’s a little (or a lot) cluttering up your home right now. Let’s clean things up and set a path for organization that will last throughout the year. Here are three things I’m suggesting to clients to help them start 2016 with a clean slate:

  1. I love to follow the mantra of “One thing in, one thing out.” There’s a delicate balance to making a space feel full, yet open and clean at the same time. To give it a try, the next time you bring a new piece home, donate (or sell, depending on the quality) something you no longer love or use. This is one of the easiest ways to declutter your home.
  2. If you don’t have storage space, create it! There are so many types of open or closed shelving, as well as functional baskets, bins, hooks, etc. Let each family member select the type of storage they want for their items. You’ll soon see that when items have a designated space, they are less likely to end up all over counters and floors.
  3. Put a label on it. Labeled bins and baskets are very helpful in remembering what goes where. They are great in mail areas, linen closets, pantries, medicine cabinets and other spots where things are shuffled around. Labeled bins/baskets help everyone in the household, including the kids, know where things belong and take ownership for their items.


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