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Three US Island Homes Currently on the Market

Get the feeling of an island life, without having to become an ex-pat.

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From time to time, I’m sure we have all entertained ideas of absconding from our corporate lives to retire on an island. In some of these fantasies we may teach surfing lessons on the beach, or fall in love with an islander and embark on a crazy romance, but regardless of our individual fantasies, I am pretty sure they always include a quaint, colorful little island home.

Unfortunately it’s not always feasible to uproot our entire lives and move to the Caribbean, but luckily there are plenty of local islands in the United States, chock full of gorgeous island-style homes to give us the real estate fantasy we crave without the commitment of relocating to an island paradise.

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These three US island homes are on the market right now, so if you have always toyed with the idea of becoming an ex-pat, now you can have the next best thing.

island home

Dauphin Island, AL. 1,683 sq ft. 106 Westward Ho Ct. $399,000

This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom beach-house sits on the Gulf of Mexico, with views of the Mississsippi River. It features open-air decks, lots of natural light, an open floor plan, and plenty of sand, so bring a good vacuum.

island home

Galveston, TX. 1,863 sq ft. 1502 17th St. $360,000

Located on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is only three blocks from the beach, and features 2 huge porches. The home is restored, and retains much of its original beauty on the outside, with modern amenities inside.

island home

Key West, FL. 2,240 sq ft. 1500 Albury St. $2.19 million

This brand new home was built in the original style of Key West island homes, without the accompanying problems like termites, old wiring, or mold. The 4 bedroom 4 bath features marble and hardwood floors, bahama shutters, a wet bar, and a pool. What more could you possibly need to live the island life?

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