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The Power of a Giant, Pivoting Glass Door

Giant, pivoting doors are the key to the perfect balance of indoor/outdoor living.

pivoting glass doors

Indoor-outdoor living has been a strong trend in modern architecture lately, and there is no better way to achieve this ideal than with giant, pivoting doors. Floor-to-ceiling windows, or all-glass walls are obviously nice touches to any modern home, but when those glass walls open up to an outdoor living space you create something that feels fresh and interesting architecturally, and allows for a new way to live. Not only do giant, pivoting doors offer great views and natural sunlight, they also turn your interior into a hybrid of an indoor-outdoor space.

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Giant, pivoting doors are great for entertaining, or as a way to let some fresh air in, so basically my belief is that they should come standard on every modern home design, from this day forward.

pivoting glass doors pivoting glass doors pivoting glass doors

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