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The Most Expensive Homes in Six US Cities

Discover the most expensive homes on the market in six cities.

most expensive homes

New York- 76.5 Million

You can tell a lot about a city by the price of its most expensive home. A lot of times you can tell generally how well their real estate market is doing, especially when compared to other cities of similar size. It’s no surprise that New York and Los Angeles are very expensive when it comes to real estate, but other cities like Atlanta, and Chicago are also fairly pricey.

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When you are spending millions of dollars, I imagine that location is much more important than price, but if you compare the mansion in Detroit for $3.95 Million to the Apartment in New York for $76.5 Million, it would almost be enough to make you reconsider moving across the country.

These homes are the most expensive listings currently on the market in their respective locations.

most expensive homes

Atlanta- $15.9 Million

most expensive homes

Chicago- $15.75 Million

most expensive homes

Detroit- $3.95 Million

most expensive homes

Los Angeles- $88 Million

most expensive homes

Miami- $32 Million

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