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Should You Paint Your House Exterior All-Black?

If executed properly, painting your house all-black can look incredibly chic.

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I have always been one for a monochromatic color scheme, but painting a house black never really occurred to me until I saw these photos. When it comes to exterior paint, we are always told to choose something neutral, that meshes well with whatever neighborhood we live in, but also makes us feel good about coming home.

A black exterior is pretty much the antithesis of what we have always been told about exterior house paint, but that is precisely what makes it so interesting. Granted you are much more likely to get away with painting your home black if you live in an urban area (otherwise people might think you are a witch), but if you are looking for something super modern that will make your home stand out, you should consider black.

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Black exterior paint helps highlight interesting architectural details, so its great for cities like New Orleans or San Francisco, which feature strong historical details in terms of architecture. It also works great on super modern homes, so if your house is a minimalist design, a coat of black paint might be all it needs to take it to the next level. Black also looks really chic when paired with red or rustic brown brick, so don’t be afraid to keep some of the natural details there, if they fit in.

If going all-black is a little much for you, you can also consider adding bright white details to the trim to create some contrast.

all black homes all black homes all black homes all black homes

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