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Own a Mini Castle in Washington State for 89K

Own a tiny, quirky castle in Washington State for under $100,000.

mini castle

If you have ever wanted to own a castle, but lack the budget for such a big purchase, you are in luck. Washington State has always been known for quirky real estate options, including treehouses, tiny houses, and bomb shelter homes. This tiny castle definitely fits in, and at 288 square-feet it combines the ideas of tiny living, and fantasy homes. I won’t lie to you, this place is a fixer-upper. The inside is unfinished and looks more like a fishing shack, which makes sense since it sits on Lake Chelan. The other downside is that there are no roads, so the only way to get to your new mini-dream castle is by boat.

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Still, if you are looking for a fun project and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of of modern times, maybe this tiny fantasy castle is exactly what you need.

mini castle mini castle mini castle mini castle

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