OMG: Dog Bunk Beds Exist

Did you know dog bunk beds were even a thing? All your wildest dreams just came true, and now we just need them in dog friendly hotels, too.

Giving your pet the stylish and adorable dream life that celebs including Kelly Osbourne, Serena Williams, Kristin Chenoweth give theirs isn’t out of reach– it’s only about $400 away from your realm of reality, and that’s because the new ‘it’ accessory for pups is dog bunk beds that are finished just like miniature versions of the full-grown adult ones.

dog bunk beds

The product description on the LazeyBonezz website reads:

“Keep your home luxuriously styled with The Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed in Ebony. Innovative and intriguing, this sleek bunk bed with textured, non-slip steps and two comfortable plush cushions is perfect for homes with one or multiple pets. The most unique and beautifully crafted pet bed on the market, the striking Metropolitan is a hit among pets and owners alike. The Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed features a high gloss finish, coated bottoms to prevent scuffing, and a signature LazyBonezz plaque. Plus, it comes with four slipcovers, two Zebra and two Silver-Gray, to suit your every mood.”

Slip covers. Let’s just think about that. Sure, that makes the whole scenario easy enough to wash, but it also opens up a nearly endless supply of DIY decorating options. Like, do you want the face of Lassie on your doggie’s bed? Or Star Wars for your pup? Whatever, your dreams are totally able to come true now.

dog bunk beds

Um, is it just us or is this the greatest ever because it encourages us to get MORE pets to love? Like, hey shelters, open your doors, we’ve got dog bunk beds at home and can take all your rescues now. Now you just need to get an intricately designed closet space for your pups.


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