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Have Nigerians Created the Perfect Eco-Friendly Home?

A Nigerian initiative has begun building eco-friendly homes out of plastic bottles, cement, and mud.

nigerian bottle homes

In the United States alone, over 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day. In Nigeria, this number totals about 3 million. As global warming continues to impact the environment world-wide, it has become pretty obvious that we are coming dangerously close to exhausting a sustainable life on this planet, and every day we get closer and closer to the brink. Recycling is a helpful initiative, but with the lack of funding and availability, it isn’t as widespread as it should be, and many people have had to find creative ways around that in order to help the environment.

Nigeria, in a bid to solve both the problem of homelessness, and waste has begun building homes out of repurposed water bottles. In Nigeria there is a shortage of housing to the tune 16 million homes, so finding a cost-effective way to fill this game has been a number one priority. A company called NGO Development Association for Renewable Energies (aka DARE), in conjunction with the NGO Africa Community Trust, of London, has started building zero carbon emission, solar powered, bulletproof, fireproof, and earthquake proof homes out of recycled waste, and I personally think the United States should follow suit.

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The homes are built by filling used plastic bottles with sand, and then stacking them together using mud and cement as a binding agent, which results in a solid wall that is stronger than one comprised of cinder blocks. Because of the weight of the sand, the homes can only be three stories or less, and a typical two-bedroom structure can require up to 14,000 bottles to build.

Homelessness is a worldwide problem, and wastefulness is a crisis that has repercussions that are almost unthinkable. New innovations in home-building and recycling are not only necessary at this point, but desperately needed as well.

Nigeria is doing it’s part in this initiative, so if we can just get every other country to consider this strategy, the world might actually stand a chance of becoming a better place.

nigerian bottle homes nigerian bottle homes nigerian bottle homes

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