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A New Way to Live: Connect Two Tiny Houses with a Sundeck

The tiny house trend continues to develop and evolve into non-traditional living solutions.

tiny house trend

When it first started, a lot of people wondered if the tiny house trend was just a fad that would eventually die out. A few years later we are still reading about and seeing new concepts of tiny houses, so it appears that the movement is less a trend, and more of a new way of living.

So what do you do if you love the idea of tiny house living, but just can’t bring yourself to live in such a small space? Viva Collectiv, a tiny home design firm solved this problem by building two tiny houses, and connecting them in the center with a gorgeous deck and sunroom.

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One of the tiny houses holds the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, while the other consists of the living room and storage. The end result is an innovative concept home that you could build for less than the cost of a new construction home. It’s also great for having guests over, since you could conceivably house them in a different wing. There is also a new trend of adult friends buying tiny houses and living together in miniature ‘communes’, which would also fit in perfectly with this particular structure.

The real estate market happens to be strong right now, but you never know what might happen in the future. Buying or building a tiny home and saving the rest of your money for other endeavors might be the right idea for you. If it is, you should do yourself a favor and add a sunroom!

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