Engineered Marble: A New Option For Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Engineered marble is the newest trend in bathroom and kitchen design.


Traditionally, bathrooms and kitchens have always been designed with marble or tile, for obvious reasons. In recent years designers have gotten more creative, and included everything in their spaces from concrete to plastic. Marmoreal is an engineered marble that mixes for kinds of Italian marble to create a new, interesting effect. Designed by a Brit named Max Lamb, Marmoreal was created for both interior and exterior architectural spaces. Consider it on par with the ‘edited’ diamonds that exist for budget-conscious ring shoppers, or a fur coat made of patchworked pieces– it’s a high quality product made in a more manmade way than what we’ve typically seen in the past. It’s this manmade element that allows for some really interesting, bright, and come-to-life color and texture variations. For a designer working with a serious effort, it’s basically a dream material.

Marmoreal mixes Rosso Verona, Giallo Mori Verde, and Verde Alpi marbles, and has been seen in private bathrooms in Paris, NYC, and LA.

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From what I can see the concept of engineered marble is an interesting idea at the very least, and I am all for experimenting with new techniques when it comes to design.

Would you use engineered marble, Marmoreal,  in your bathroom?


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