How to Make Small Bathrooms Seem Bigger

With the right design elements, small bathrooms can appear much larger than they actually are.

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Bathrooms are important. Not only are bathrooms used on a daily basis by every person living in any given home, but they are often visited by every visitor that comes through, and even accessed by strangers on occasion. For that reason, it’s important to pay attention to how you decorate a bathroom, because you want to make it as comfortable and spacious as possible.

Unfortunately, not all bathrooms are created equal, and space is often sacrificed in these rooms in favor of function. So sometimes we have to get a little creative to make our bathrooms seem larger than they actually are. These tips and tricks should help you maximize the space in your restroom, so that people can actually get some rest while they check their phones for 20 minutes.

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Mirrors are the first thing you should install in a small bathroom, because the refracted light will instantly make the room look bigger. You can’t really go wrong with adding mirrors in a bathroom, just make sure you pay attention to the reflection in any selfies you may take.

Decorate with large scale pieces, such as one big print on the wall to draw focus away from everything else.

Visit IKEA, spend a few hours in their organization section, and make sure that everything in your bathroom is as organized and put away as possible.

Choose light colors for the walls, paint the ceiling bright white, and consider painting a bright white stripe around the top of the room, about four inches thick. This will give the appearance of fake crown molding, and make the room look taller.

Paint the interiors of any windows bright white to match the ceiling.

Pay attention to lighting, and if necessary, spend money on it to make sure the space is well lit and bright.

Consider installing a barn or sliding door to maximize space. Just make sure it fits perfectly so kids and animals can’t peek through the cracks and invade anyone’s privacy.

If you can afford renovations, install a pedestal sink. There is no real need for clutter underneath the sink and pedestals look much more modern than cabinetry.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of ways to trick the eye into thinking that any space is larger than it’s actual size. Hopefully these tips will help keep your family and guests relaxed as they hide from you during holidays.


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