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How to Score a Rent-Stabilized Apt in Stuy Town

The affordable housing lottery has come to Stuyvesant town, Manhattan.

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As anyone knows, the ultimate dream of living in New York is to find a cheap, rent-controlled apartment in which to live out your days. Unfortunately most people who live here will never accomplish that. The affordable housing lottery for Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village opened on Tuesday however, so maybe for some, that dream will get a little closer to coming true.

The lottery will give up to 15,000 people a spot on the waiting list for apartments in Stuy Town. Prices of the apartments vary, with the cheapest being a studio for $1,210 per month, and the most expensive being a five-bedroom for $4,560.

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Applications are open through March 31, where they will then be randomized and added to a waitlist. As new units open, the management will move people in based on their number on the waiting list. Between Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village, there are 11,000 units total.

Say what you will about living so far away from a reasonable train, if you really want a rent-controlled apartment, you could do worse than trying your hand at the lottery.

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