How to Make a Tiny House Appear Larger with Decor

No matter how small your space is, use décor to make up for size.

decorate a tiny house

These days it seems like you can’t scroll through the channels on TV without stumbling across a few tiny house reality shows. Tiny houses are everywhere, probably because they take up so little space, are a smaller investment than regular houses, and give people a sense of nostalgia, since they resemble the treehouses of our childhood.

We are also the generation of commitment-phobia, and what meshes better with that than a house you can move? Still, lots of people are wary of tiny houses because they just can’t imagine living in such a tiny space.

The average new home built in the United States is 2,400 square feet, so basically anything under 500 square feet is considered tiny, with the average being around 200 square feet.

To the typical American that may seem unlivable though, so hopefully these tips and tricks will help your new tiny house appear larger than it is, and put your cluttered mind at ease.

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-Use light colors in your décor. Many tiny houses tend to go for a wooden, log cabin-look, but painting the walls inside light colors opens up the space.

-Forego window treatments if at all possible. This tricks the mind into thinking the outside area is an extension of the inside, opening it up.

-If you can, put in as many windows as possible. There is nothing worse than staring at a huge, blank wall in a tiny space. If you can manage it, bay windows are even better when it comes to expanding a space.

-Expanding on the windows idea, put in as many skylights as you can handle. The natural light will add a lot of energy to the room, especially in a lofted situation.

-Paint the ceiling dark, if you dare. It may seem counterintuitive, but painting a dark ceiling with light walls creates the appearance of height.

-Decorate with a variety of sizes. If you choosing art, choose several large pieces for the walls. If you are buying knick-knacks, choose one or two large pieces and go small with everything else. The variety will create visual interest and fight clutter.

-Speaking of fighting clutter, only keep decor that directly jives with the color scheme of your home, so you don’t end up hoarding a bunch of things you don’t need. Nothing will make a tiny home feel tinier than piles of useless junk, so fight your inner pack rat and you might just end up with a tiny house you can call home.

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