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How to Create a Perfect Backyard Retreat

No back yard is complete without a comfortable retreat.

backyard retreats

If you are lucky enough to live in a home that has a back yard, there are two things that we can assume; you probably don’t live in Manhattan, and you should absolutely create a backyard retreat.

Backyard retreats have been popping up all over the Internet in recent years, ever since Pinterest became popular. Some backyard retreats consist of a single hammock with some Christmas lights, others involve a seating area with a fire-pit, or an actual prefab Victorian shed decorated with reclaimed wood and filled with books. Regardless of whether you want to go for something simple or something more involved, these three tips will help you create a backyard retreat that is perfect for you.

Start with relaxation: The point of having a back yard retreat is to escape, so you have to incorporate some form of relaxation into your retreat. Think about what relaxes you personally, whether that is a soft spot to do yoga, or a tiny lofted shed with insulated walls to cancel noise. Considering your own relaxation needs is the best way to start planning your retreat.

DIY as much as possible: The more love and energy you put into your backyard retreat, the more you will cherish it. Whether you are assembling and building a shed from scratch, or just painting some comfy chairs to lounge in, you are likely to be more connected to your space if you take a hand in creating it.

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Don’t forget about bugs: You should always keep bugs in mind when planning any outdoor space, because they can quickly ruin a nice evening outdoors. Plan to locate your retreat away from any standing water or leafy plants, as they easily attract bugs. If that isn’t an option, keep bug spray handy, or decorate the space with citronella candles to keep pests at bay.

Unless you live in the South, summer is nearly over, so you have plenty of time to think about your backyard retreat. Hopefully these tips will help you create a relaxing space to maximize your time outdoors.

backyard retreats

backyard retreats

backyard retreats

backyard retreats

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