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The Five Hottest Neighborhoods of 2015

These locations are the new hottest neighborhoods in 2015.

hottest neighborhoods of 2015

Every year, new neighborhoods grab the spotlight and become the ‘it’ areas for real estate developers, agents, and prospective buyers. Some years feature a more urban trend, as cities develop and new neighborhoods are gentrified and become more convenient. Other years, suburbs are more popular for the sake of affordability.

These neighborhoods are the most popular according to statistics from

In the past several years, buyers were trending towards urban areas, and hipster neighborhoods were on the rise. Now, those neighborhoods have become more expensive so buyers are moving a little farther out to take advantage of cheaper mortgages. I am happy to say that two of these neighborhoods are in our home base of New York.

If you live in any of these, hold on to your house, and wait for the value to rise! Otherwise, try grabbing a fixer upper, editing, and waiting for your house to be the most valuable in one of the hottest neighborhoods in the nation.


El Cerrito, San Diego, CA

hottest neighborhoods of 2015


Dickinson Narrows, Philadelphia, PA

hottest neighborhoods of 2015


East Atlanta, GA

hottest neighborhoods of 2015


Little Neck, Queens, NY

hottest neighborhoods of 2015


Bohemia, Long Island, NYhottest neighborhoods of 2015

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