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Could Your Future Home Be Made of Cardboard?

Cardboard homes aren’t just for the homeless anymore.


In recent years, we have seen home developers get more and more creative with their methods, especially in regards to modular housing and sustainable materials.

Cardboard is one such material that you wouldn’t typically think of in terms of solid home construction, however when layered properly, it is proven to last over 100 years.

Wikkelhouse may very well be the home of the future, as it uses many layers of corrugated cardboard to create solid modular structures that can be connected to create the home of your dreams.

Twenty four layers of cardboard are wrapped around the structure and glued together using an eco-friendly adhesive, resulting in well-insulated modules the walls of which are 47 inches thick. The cardboard is then covered with a waterproof substance called Miotex, and then finished with wooden cladding. The modular design allows you to create a home as large or small as you wish, and the relative light weight of the entire structure eliminates the need for a heavy foundation.

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This means that the wikkelhouse can be built anywhere, with only one or two days necessary for on-site construction. It can also be moved and reused, if you decide to relocate and want to take your cardboard home with you, and most of it is recyclable.

The homes are completely customizable regarding windows, and amenities like kitchens and bathrooms can be added on.

So if you are looking for a long-lasting, innovative solution to buying a new home, Wikkelhouse may be the answer. Each module costs about $4,500, but for a complete home, you’re probably looking at upwards of $80,000, which is still relatively cheap compared to a traditional home.

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