Four Things to Watch Out for with Bathroom Renovations

Beware the pitfalls of bathroom remodeling.

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Bathrooms are hands down one of the most important rooms of any home. If you think about it, the bathrooms get the most use of any room, since everyone is bound to use them at least once a day. If guests come over, chances are they won’t see every room, but they will most likely see the bathroom at least once. For this reason, its important to have a well-designed bathroom, an idea that many homeowners overlook.

That being said, remodeling or renovating your bathroom can be tricky, since you are dealing with more variables than just paint on the walls and a few well-placed orchids. When remodeling a bathroom, there are certain mistakes that are easy to make, so hopefully these tips will help you do it right, the first time.

Don’t ignore restrictions on space. Layout is the most important thing about a bathroom, and I have been in enough nonsensical bathrooms to know that this rule isn’t always honored. Use a harsh editing eye when deciding how much you can fit into one space, because its really easy to make a small bathroom feel even smaller by trying to cram too much in. Pay special attention to doors being able to open, and the space a toilet requires for comfortable seating.

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Don’t skimp on storage. Storage is probably the number one thing people overlook in terms of bathroom renovations. Use the height of your room, as well as the wall space to add enough storage for all the members of your family.

Don’t forget ventilation. Any bathroom needs proper ventilation, whether that comes from a central AC system, a vent, or a strategically placed window. Pay attention to the functions of your bathroom, for the sake of your guests.

Don’t forget about lighting. People will most likely be getting ready in your bathroom often, so the better your lighting is, the better everyone will feel about themselves. The best thing to do is install lighting around the mirrors (especially if you opt for mirrors with lit edges). The last thing anyone wants is a dark and scary bathroom, Bloody Mary jokes aside.

Don’t forget to waterproof. The bathroom is one of the moistest places in the house, so if you use the wrong building materials or don’t seal everything with silicon caulk, you can really easily create a very bad mold situation. When choosing design materials, make sure you choose items that are approved for bathroom use or high humidity.

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