Five Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Décor from Amazon

Making your bathroom look more expensive is a lot easier than you may think.

bathroom update

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is probably the easiest to update. This is not only because it is generally smaller than the rest of the rooms in your home, but also because there are only a set amount of things you can really do to change your bathroom.

Having a well-designed bathroom can say a lot about your taste level, so for that reason, and the fact that it is probably the most-visited room in your home (the average person spends 5,749 hours of their life in there), it’s a good idea to make it look as snazzy as possible. Luckily, with these five tips, it should be a breeze to update.

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pump bottles

Your bathroom is no place for advertising (even though we are all guilty of reading the backs of shampoo bottles whilst on the toilet). Pouring your shampoos and soaps into unbranded pump bottles will make the room feel as classy as the bathroom at a hotel restaurant. These bottles even have cutesy labels to make it easy!


grout paint

Clean your grout with a grout pen, or magic eraser. These are the easiest ways to restore grout, and white grout is the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom.


bathroom organization

Nothing looks tackier than boxes of q-tips, cotton swabs and makeup sponges stacked all over the place. Organize your bathroom necessities with glass mason jars, or this handy three-piece acrylic jar set from Amazon.

fake plant

Nothing brings a little life into a space better than actual living things. Buy some plants that thrive in high-humidity places and sprinkle them around, or, if you lack a green thumb, buy a realistic looking artificial plant.


curved shower curtain

A curved shower curtain rod will not only give you more space to move about, but it will also lend a luxurious feel to your bathroom. After all, when it comes to bathrooms, generally every inch of space counts.


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