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A Fantasy Treehouse For Only $600K

The ultimate family-sized treehouse has hit the market in Seattle.


seattle treehouse

It doesn’t matter where you grew up, if you were ever a child, chances are you fantasized about one day owning a life-size adult treehouse. Owning my own treehouse has always been a personal goal of mine, so I couldn’t be more excited to share the news that a multi-story treehouse has hit the Seattle market for only $599,000.

Located in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle, the treehouse is attached to a four-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage, within a few blocks of public transit. Originally built in 1944, the 1,600 square-foot home is actually split into two separate homes which have been used for extra rental income in recent years.

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The treehouse sits outside, wrapped around a large tree, and features lots of natural light and electricity. To date the owners have put in $90,000 to finishing the treehouse, but it remains a little rough around the edges, which could be a great thing for someone who wants to put their own touches on it.

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