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Exterior Issues to Consider When Buying

When house hunting, it’s as important to remember that issues on the exterior could end up costing more than you bargain for.

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Its no secret that house hunting can be a stressful process. Most home buyers tend to pay a lot of attention to the interior of the house, and forget that the exterior is just as important. Issues with the outside of the home could end up costing as much as the inside, so here are a few things you should keep in mind when looking at a new house.

Trees/Foliage- Check for any trees that may be too close to the foundation, as their root structures could signal damage. You should also look for any overhanging branches, as they can cause potential issues with roof shingles and give pests access to your home.

Foundation- Cracked foundations should always been addressed and worked into any negotiations. Make sure the foundation is exposed around the bottom of the house, and that the ground slopes away to carry off rainwater that can cause potential issues.

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Swimming Pools- Always check the liner, or interior surface of the pool for cracks, and inquire about the age of the equipment, as replacing such things can put a dent in your pocketbook.

If you do find exterior issues with your dream home, all is not lost. Work any repairs into your negotiation, or request that the seller complete the repairs to make the sale.

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