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An Expanding Trailer that Transforms to Sleep 4

Campers are becoming more and more user friendly.

expanding camper

I don’t know if it’s a symptom of millennial culture, or a side effect of expensive real estate, but more people are opting to live a nomadic lifestyle and moving off the grid. In the past few decades the internet has created the opportunity for people to work remotely, so naturally they are taking advantage of it and finding all kinds of different ways to live, love, and travel at the same time.

Campers have always been a favorite for outdoorsy people, but a higher demand has resulted in lots of new designs coming out every year to make it more appetizing to live on the road.

Knauss Tabbert, a camper company based in Europe has released a new camper design that might possibly be the most innovative and spacious design yet. Called the Deseo Caravan, the camper expands and transforms into a living space for four people. The design is made of lightweight FibreFrame technology, which allows enough space to fit two full motorbikes, a full kitchen, a spacious bathroom with toilet and shower, a retractable 24 inch LED-TV, and enough foldaway beds to sleep a family of four. The tailgate opens to create a nice indoor-outdoor living experience, and can also be expanded with a tent for extra space.

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So basically, Knauss Tabbert has created a product that will allow you to tow a small apartment behind your car, and live your life on the open road. The camper is currently only available in Europe, but I foresee it coming to the United States ASAP, as we have plenty of wide open spaces to explore, and a real need for solutions to the problem of mobile living.

expanding camper expanding camper expanding camper expanding camper expanding camper expanding camper

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