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Homeless Cottages Will Save Dallas Taxpayers $1.3 Million

Homeless cottages are the city of Dallas’ new plan to get people off the city’s streets.

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Starting last November, the city of Dallas began housing 50 chronically homeless residents in cottages complete with green recreational space, solar energy and rainwater collection, and skills training as well as health services. They are taking a cue from Houston, who recently began such a program and has seen great results. These are essentially well-built tiny homes just for perpetually homeless Dallas residents.

A homeless person cycling through the prison and emergency health systems typically costs the county around $40,000 USD per year. This new housing program will bring those costs down to less than $13,000, equaling about $1.3 million in taxpayer savings. See, it pays to do good!

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A similar homeless cottages initiative in Charlotte has saved the city $2.4 million in medical costs alone, since 2012.

Last June, Houston announced that it was able to end chronic veteran homelessness, by housing 3,650 veterans over a three-year period.

Every city in every state that deals with a large homeless population should consider these types of programs. Not only do they save money, but they create green solutions to the housing crisis in general, and also make cities more attractive to new buyers, ultimately helping the real estate market and increasing value throughout.

dallas real estate

dallas real estate

dallas real estate

dallas real estate

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