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Could This Fantasy Tower be Coming to Manhattan?

This ornamental 102-story fantasy tower could end up on 57th street.

fantasy tower manhattan

Generally speaking, the architecture of high rises in Manhattan has tended to follow a pretty simple formula– clean lines, modern fixtures, and lots of windows with minimal structural elements have thus far been the name of the game. This project, by Mark Foster Gage Architects, is the complete opposite. Some might even say it’s a throwback to the age of art deco, Victorian era details, or just about any other time when intricacy reigned.

The 41 West 57th project is considered ‘ongoing’, but there are few more details other than that. The building is being considered for Midtown’s Billionaire’s Row, along West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, a far cry from the debauchery and chaos of downtown NYC.

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The design is whimsical, if not downright gaudy. It depends on where you grew up, I suppose (if Bayonne, you’re in the whimsical group… Cape Cod? Gaudy…). The structure is covered in ornamental designs, ranging from gears and propellers to abstract fantasy birds. The roof even includes a golden fantasy temple structure.

According to the website, “Each unit has its own unique figurally carved façade and balconies that frame particular features of the surrounding urban and natural landscapes. The building is draped in a façade of limestone-tinted Taktl© concrete panels with hydroformed sheet-bronze details and brass-tinted alloy structural extrusion enclosures. The 64th floor features a sky-lobby with exclusive retail stores, a 2-story high ballroom for events, and a 4-star restaurant all of which have access to four massive cantilevered balconies that offer an awe-inspiring event and dining experience unique to the city of New York.”

While I personally love ornate architecture and favor old-time tradition over modern design, this building is too much, even for me.

Although I suppose in a skyline of cookie-cutter skyscrapers, trying to design something that stands out is worthy of mention.

Editorial side note: We’re expecting half of Moscow to rush over with Gucci bags full of cash for these units.

fantasy tower manhattan

fantasy tower manhattan

fantasy tower manhattan

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