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1066 ft Skyscraper is Coming to Brooklyn

A 1,066-foot tall skyscraper has been approved for construction in Brooklyn.

brooklyn skyscraper

Anyone who follows New York real estate knows that Brooklyn is not only giving Manhattan a run for it’s money (a significant amount of money, at that), but is has actually surpassed the island as the most expensive real estate market in the country. Growth in Brooklyn has skyrocketed, and makes no plans to stop. That is why, it should be no surprise to anyone that plans for a skyscraper spanning 1,066 feet are underway at 340 Flatbush Ave.

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This skyscraper is a huge change from the relatively laid back skyline of Brooklyn currently. It will sit upon the historic Dime Savings Bank, a current city landmark, and will surpass two of Manhattan’s tallest buildings, the Chrysler and New York Times buildings.

The new structure will be a 27-story apartment building, totaling 556,164 square feet with 417 residential units.

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