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Boston’s Skinny House Hits the Market for $895K

If you have ever wanted to own a skinny house, one is up for grabs in Boston.

boston skinny house

Many cities around the country have skinny houses. Even though the actual square footage might be smaller, skinny houses have a certain romanticism about them that is almost impossible to resist. That is why its kind of exciting that Boston’s own skinny house has hit the market in Massachusetts.

Located at 44 Hull Street in the North End, the home is listed at $895,000, with  Cabot & Company.

The home is 1,116 square feet. The outside is 10.4 feet at it’s widest point, and the interior is just over 6 feet at its most narrow.

The home is reportedly so narrow because it was built by two brothers who returned from the Civil War to find their plot of land had already been built upon by another brother. Allegedly the two brothers built the house to block the view of the other, bigger house. This earned the home the lovely nickname of ‘the spite house’.

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So if you are looking for a unique home in Boston, you better move fast on the skinny house, before someone else buys it out of spite.

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