Are Metal Shingles the Best Kind for Your Home?

Are metal shingles a good choice for your home?

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The manufacturers of the beautiful metal shingles and panels that you want for your home are located in many different regions, notably the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Whatever style you get will be made completely for residential use, unless of course you specify to them that you are looking for otherwise. This will be a decision that has to do with the appearance and safety of your home for years and years to come, so make sure you and your family talk it through thoroughly.

Here’s a list of good manufacturers for you to choose from:

American Building Components –

Accel Roofing Products –

ASC Building Products –

ATAS International –

Classic Metal Roofing Systems –

Fabral –

Future Roof Systems –

Interlock Roofing Systems –

Kassel & Irons –


McElroy Metal, Inc. –

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp. –

Being that it is some of the toughest and most durable roofing available, metal shingles and panels can be put on homes in various weather conditions. That means that, wherever you live, no matter how hot or cold, you can enjoy the advantages of a nice looking metal roof. One thing you’ll appreciate is the fact that these don’t break, flake, or crack like other types of roofing can over time (like light clay, for example). Also, having a metal roof is beneficial because you put way less stress on the overall structure of your home. They are considerably lighter than, say, asphalt shingles (about a third the weight of them).

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If you have a big family and are always watching your power costs, metal shingles and panels will be the best decision you make in customizing your home in next 40 to 80 years. For example, they reflect heat very effectively, and you will see a difference in your energy bill quickly after their installation. Also, many folks don’t know that these types of roofs actually increase the total value of your home, and can slice a big percentage off your homeowners insurance, sometimes over 30%.

Also, all of the myths that you hear about metal roofing are just that, myths. For example, people used to think that they were noisy, but the opposite is actually true. When fitted with dense sheathing, the noise from elements such as hard rain or hail will be lessened. As far as today’s metal materials rusting, they are built to last with metallic coating that is bonded to the shingles and panels during the manufacturing of them. They will maintain the color you envisioned atop your home for decades against nearly everything that Mother Nature throws at them.

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