The Most Amazing Rustic Tiny House Ever

Some tiny houses are architectural wonders.

tiny house

When it comes to tiny houses, the world really can’t get enough. There are slews of TV shows about them, and many millennials seem to be opting out of traditional housing options in favor of going tiny, so it only stands to reason that tiny house architecture will only get more and more innovative as time marches on.

Rustic architecture is one of the more ‘traditional’ ways to design a tiny house, but even that style is cialis pas cher being updated and innovated. This tiny house, recently featured on HGTV, was designed and then built by Daniel Weddle of Carpenter Owl. It features walnut and cedar trim, a roof made of reclaimed materials, and a copper lined porthole window, as well as rustic fixtures.

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The most interesting part of the house is the shape however, with curves and lines that you wouldn’t normally see in a rustic home.

The tiny house is 22 feet long, and 150 square-feet, with two floors and a full soaking tub and spiral staircase.

Say what you will about the tiny home craze, but this one has pretty much everything you need, wrapped up in a beautiful modern-rustic bow.

tiny house tiny house tiny house tiny house

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