About Us

Property Room 360 is the the place you set your coffee down on your kitchen’s center island– it’s a one stop shop for everyone in the home ownership spectrum. We focus on real estate news, real estate trends, smart buying and investing, designing and decorating, and just really cool real estate tidbits we think you’d love to know about. We’re for regular humans with the intention of living in homes, brokers, finance specialists, and anyone else who says ‘hey, real estate is cool.’

Our fun little corner of the internet was founded by TheLuxurySpot‘s editor, Bryce Gruber, and her husband, a top grossing NYC real estate broker, Yossef Hermon. The team quickly grew to include prolific freelance journalists and *gasp* some of the top real estate minds on this side of the Mississippi.

Our space is an open one with one major purpose: helping normal people buy and rent homes.