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57.5 Million for Two Units in Manhattan

A Russian billionaire bought the New York Atterbury mansion and a smaller apartment on East 74th Street.

atterbury mansion

New York is slowly being taken over by Russian oligarchs, and this newest acquisition is no exception. A Russian billionaire named Alexey Kuzmichev recently bought the Atterbury mansion in the Upper East Side at 33 East 74th st, as well as an adjoining condo with plans to turn it into one large home. Kuzmichev purchased the $10,000 square foot mansion for $42 million with the intention of combining it with a smaller, 3,800-square-foot apartment, previously purchased for $15.5 million.

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The larger purchase is made up of the first four floors of the Atterbury Mansion, a century-old townhouse that is part of a 10-building condominium unit.

Say what you will about New York real estate, but it remains a solid investment, if only for overseas billionaires looking for a second home.

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