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Zillow Goes Head to Head with McMansion Hell

Real estate aggregator Zillow has sent a cease and desist letter to the McMansion Hell website.

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If you are interested in real estate at all, chances are you are aware of the Mcmansion phenomenon and the real estate boom that went along with it. Mcmansions are smaller versions of actual mansions, packed to the gills with amenities, and located in the suburbs. Most of them are poorly designed, or designed with architectural elements that don’t make any real sense. Mcmansions were a trend in the real estate world that didn’t last very long, but the result was a lot of tacky houses were built, and there was nobody left to buy them.

Kate Wagner, an architecture student from John Hopkins decided to capitalize on this by created McMansion Hell, a website dedicated to making light of the mcmansion craze by finding mcmansion photos on real estate websites, and republishing them with cheeky commentary about the futility of the architecture.

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The site has been featured on Huffington Post, Business Insider, and the Washington Post.

Real Estate aggregator site Zillow has hit her with a cease and desist letter however, after she published photos taken from their site. Thetransaction lead to Wagner taking down the site completely, which is a financially devastating move.

Zillow claims that the use of their photos violates their terms of service, but stated publicly that the intent of their letter wasn’t to cause a shutdown of the site, and they very much hope Wagner can continue on with McMansion Hell, albeit without any photos from Zillow.

As of right now, Wagner has hired legal representation, and has decided to take on Zillow.

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