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The Latest Trend in Prefab Living: Barn Apartments

Barn apartments are becoming a hot trend in Texas.

barn apartments

In recent years, we have seen people getting a lot more creative when it comes to living spaces. The tiny home trend has millennials living in all kinds of places, from storage containers, to renovated dumpsters.

Barn apartments have always existed, but recently they have become more chic and modular. The rustic charm of living (even part time) above a barn is something that appeals to many people, especially in Texas where barns are basically a staple to any large home.

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Following this trend, companies now exist that will package and ship all the materials you need to build the ideal barn apartment home. One such company, Washington-based Barn Pros Inc will send you everything you need to build your own customized barn apartment, including instructions on how to do it.

The prefab and modular home trend is something that has been gathering steam for years now, so it isn’t surprising that barns have been figured into the equation. So if you own a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, or have always dreamed of living in a lofted space above a barn, your dream can now be a reality for as little as $60,000 (before construction).

barn apartments barn apartments barn apartments barn apartments

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