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Ten Extremely Wealthy Suburbs in America

Some of the wealthiest people in America now live in the burbs.


A brief history lesson: the idea of a suburb originated in the first urban settlements, but didn’t really become popular until 18th century London. The industrialization of the city created a huge influx of tradesmen and other members of the working class, and thus the newly rich middle class began flocking to the outskirts to purchase expansive estates and villas.

The modern suburb as we know it began back then, and has since become almost synonymous with the word ‘neighborhood’. Suburbs are a little different though, because they refer to a specific type of neighborhood where people group themselves by financial class, and even go so far as to put up gates and community centers to keep other classes out.

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So, you can see that the original intent of suburbs was to keep people stratified by class, and that tradition continues today, with ten extremely wealthy suburbs in America.

You’ll notice that many of these wealthy suburbs exist just outside some of the biggest cities in the country. Just keep in mind that the Census ACS survey reported in 2015 that the median household income in the United States was $55,775, which is at least $50,000 less than any number on the following list.

Atlanta: Brookhaven, Georgia
Pop: 51,029
Avg. Household Income: $121,989

Houston: The Woodlands, Texas
Pop: 109,679
Avg. Household Income: $108,635

New York: Roslyn (Long Island)
Pop: 2,800
Avg. Household Income: $122,321

Boston: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Pop: 27,982
Avg. Household Income: $214, 837

San Francisco: Atherton, California
Pop: 7,283
Avg. Household Income: $283,000

San Diego: Rancho Santa Fe, California
Pop: 3,000
Avg. Household Income: $203,000

Washington D.C: Great Falls, Virginia
Pop: 15,427
Avg. Household Income: $222,737

Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, California
Pop: 35,176
Average Household Income: $193,000

Denver: Cherry Hills, Colorado
Pop: 5,987
Avg. Household Income: $232,000

Chicago: Kenilworth, Illinois
Pop: 2,513
Avg. Household Income: $247,187

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