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St. Petersburg Will Be the First Florida City to Run on Renewable Energy

St. Petersburg Florida will be the first city in Florida to stop using fossil fuels.

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When you think of progress, you generally don’t think of Florida. I was born in Florida and lived there until I was 25 or so, but even I know that when it comes to education, infrastructure, and forward thinking, Florida is miles behind any other state above the Mason Dixon line. That being said, Florida has slowly been changing, and St. Petersburg has proven they are on board with those changes, as they will become the first city in the state to run on renewable energy.

The change came as a result of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, of which St. Petersburg received a $1 million settlement in 2010. The city council voted unanimously to use $800,000 of that money to move towards outfitting the city to run on renewable energy.

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St. Pete is one of 19 cities across the country that are leading the charge to create 100% clean energy for everyone. They plan to do this through the Integrated Sustainability Action Plan (ISAP), which will create strategies to switch the city over from using fossil fuel, to renewable energy solutions.

Currently there is no actual timeline for when the change will take place, but the commitment from the city is solid, and falls in line with many other cities that are striving to do the same thing.

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