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Snow White’s Fairy Tale Cottage is Officially on the Market

A life-size fairy tale cottage is up for grabs in Washington.

fairy tale cottage

The one thing I always took issue with regarding the story of Snow White, was how eight people managed to cram into a tiny cottage in the woods. Granted, seven of those people were smaller than normal, but it always seemed a little far-fetched for me, even for a fairy tale. Apparently Snow White and the seven dwarves agree with me, and have vacated their fairy tale cottage in Olalla, Washington.

The charming eclectic home features four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and sits on 7.5 acres, which is perfect if you are the type that likes to run through the woods to get away from wicked witches or evil stepmothers.

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The home was originally built in the 1970s by a couple with a flair for whimsy, but it was never actually finished until it was sold in 2005. Some of the more unique features are rounded doors, no traditional corners, and plaster walls inlaid with natural wood beaming, as well as an actual tree trunk that you can walk through, in the center of the home.

In case you were wondering though, the kitchen and bathrooms are updated with modern fixtures and appliances, so you are really only $775,000 away from living your best fairy tale life, in an actual cottage in the woods.

fairy tale cottage

fairy tale cottage

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