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Woman Lives in The Plaza for $500/Mo for 35 Years

A New York woman lived, rent-controlled in the Plaza Hotel for 35 years.

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No matter where you live in New York City, $500 a month for rent is basically a pipe dream. Fannie Lowenstein (yes, that is her real name) managed to do it however.

Just after World War II, many of New York’s swankier hotels were having problems staying afloat, so they took on some long-term tenants to insure a monthly income. Leo Lowenstein (Fannie’s husband) was one such tenant, and when he died, Fannie took over the apartment.

Lowenstein not only got an amazing deal on rent, but she was able to take advantage of all the services offered, such as ‘high dusting’, and a new paint job every few years.

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Eventually Fannie moved out, convinced that there was toxic paint in the apartment, but her legend lives on.

The moral of the story is, if you can find a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan in this day and age, hold onto it for dear life.

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