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Own a Private Island Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

If you love Frank Lloyd Wright, this private island is probably your dream home.

frank lloyd wright home

Call me crazy, but I believe that nothing says luxury like the words: ‘private island’. Owning a private island has always been my dream, and not just because I like to be alone a lot, and am unreasonably scared of a zombie apocalypse.

Located 47 miles north of New York City (15 minutes by helicopter), this gorgeous private island was conceived by Frank Lloyd Wright, and comes with a stunning home built based on the architect’s final drawings.

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The seven bedroom home sits on an 11 acre island on Lake Mahopac, and features beautiful stonework, lots of wood, and the large horizontal planes that one would expect from a FLW design. Windows surround the home, accented by a triangle-lattice skylight, and a helipad on the roof makes it easily accessible by air.

The home is an unofficial FLW project since it was based on his final drawings, but if you’re in the market for a private island, this one is an impressive option for $14.9 million.

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