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An Old Mall Repurposed as Micro Apartments

America’s oldest mall has been repurposed to contain micro-apartments.

mall becomes micro apartments

As online shopping becomes the daily norm, you may have noticed that shopping malls are becoming increasingly defunct, empty sacks of what once was. While this may seem kind of sad for reasons of nostalgia, some progressive thinkers have decided to tackle the problem head-on. Northeast Collaborative Architects recently turned America’s oldest mall, Arcade Providence, into 48 low-cost micro apartments.

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the project ran developers $7 million, and includes 48 micro apartments and 17 shops on the ground floor. The apartments start at $550 for a one bedroom around 225-450 square feet in size. Each unit in the nation’s oldest mall comes with a built-in bed, full bathroom, refrigerator, sink, microwave, dishwasher, seating, and storage. There is also a shared TV room, game room, on-site laundry facility and parking garage. If you need more space, there are also two and three-bedroom units available, but there is a waiting list with 4,000 people currently awaiting assignment, so it may be a while.

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In times when real estate is in high demand and people are looking for low-cost alternatives, repurposing an old mall into an apartment building is exactly the direction in which the market should be going. It’s also a great affordable living arrangement for women born in the 80s, who still revere the mall as the best possible place to be.

Don’t worry– there’s enough wall space in each micro apartment to display your collection of Mall Rats, Clueless, and Mall Cop vintage posters. Be sure to start scouring eBay for a new Mall Madness board game for your coffee table, stat.

mall becomes micro apartments

mall becomes micro apartments

mall becomes micro apartments

mall becomes micro apartments

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