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It’s Official: You Can Now Buy a House on Amazon

Amazon has gotten into the business of shipping container houses.

shipping container homes

I’m not sure where or how the trend officially started, but shipping containers have somehow become a viable option when it comes to buying your first home. Since shipping containers are by their very nature, ‘shippable’ it was really only a matter of time before online retailers like Amazon picked up on the demand, and started offering entire homes, for purchase, online.

Teaming up with a company called MODS International, the Amazon shipping container ‘tiny homes’ are made of brand new containers, instead of upcycling old ones. The interior space consists of a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and a bedroom that can sleep four (although space will be a little tight).

The containers are also fully customizable, so you can add windows, skylights, and doors to make the space feel larger, and are available with heat and A/C. The good thing about living in a shipping container is that it has great insulation, so you can stay cool in the heat, and warm in the cold relatively easy.

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Should you choose to order your new home on Amazon, you’re looking at around $36,000 for the unit, plus $4,000 in shipping costs. The structure is delivered on a flatbed truck, and takes around an hour to set up.

So if non-traditional living is your thing, Amazon has officially made it easier than ever for you to become a homeowner, including ordering, shipping, handling, and delivery all for one (relatively) low price.

shipping container homes shipping container homes shipping container homes shipping container homes

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