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NYC Is the Most Expensive City in the World

New York is officially the priciest city in the world.

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I have lived in New York for 7 years now, and it still shakes me to my core when I travel outside and am able to get a cocktail for less than $10 and a vial of my own blood. It should come as no surprise to me then, that a new report by international bank UBS states that New York City is the most expensive city in the world.

Even though rental prices in San Francisco are higher, the elevated property prices combined with costs of goods and services and low after-tax wages in New York make it a tough contender. Zurich and Geneva are also well known for costs of goods and services, but they can’t hold a candle when it comes to the price of property.

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Other American cities on the list include Chicago in 7th place, Miami in 11th, and Los Angeles in 13th.

So this really only confirms what we always knew to be true.

New York has always been ridiculously expensive, and just like the stubborn people that fill her streets, she refuses to be beat.

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