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Mini-Houses for Children are the Next Big Thing in Parenting

The next time your child misbehaves, send them home.

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Parenting has changed a lot in the last few decades. Back in the 1990s, spanking your children was considered totally acceptable, but since then things have become a lot more strict, and children have become a lot more unruly. One enterprising 13-year-old however may have accidentally found a solution to this problem.

Luke Thill, a middle schooler from Iowa managed to build a tiny house in his parent’s back yard for only $1,500. The small cottage is 89 square-feet, 10 feet long, and 5 ½ feet wide. Thill saved up money from mowing lawns, running errands, and staging a fundraiser to build the tiny house, and was even able to get help from an electrician to wire it for electricity. The tiny home is made of mostly upcycled materials, and includes a microwave, TV, and a small loft with a bed.

Thill uses his new home to do homework mostly, but also gets to sleep in it a few times a week. He may have unknowingly created a brand new market in the parenting community, however.

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Most parents dream of sending their kids away as punishment, but have no way of guaranteeing their safety. A tiny house in the back yard is the perfect place to send your kids for time-out, or even for a little ‘me time’, and at the low price of only $1,500 it is much cheaper than the cost of therapy bills from harsher forms of parental punishment.

tiny house parenting tiny house parenting

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