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Marcus Bryant of Weichert Realty Southern Coast, Myrtle Beach

Marcus Bryant is a star real estate agent.

marcus bryant

Marcus (middle) in high school.

The first time I met Marcus Bryant I thought to myself that he may be of some kin to Kobe from the L.A. Lakers. When he introduced himself as a Real Estate Agent, I stepped back, examined this 6’5, 220-pound guy (who looked like he could slam dunk on just about everyone I knew), and said “You’re a WHAT?”

As a teenager, Marcus had dreams of becoming a Personal Trainer (which made a whole lot more sense to me considering his size). But, the first college that he attended right out of high school, Spartanburg Methodist, didn’t have Physical Education training program. Still motivated, he knew that he needed to know a little bit about marketing in order to get and keep future clients who needed help setting up workouts, starting and staying on recommended diets, and who needed assistance in the gym. So that’s what he decided to get his Associates degree in before transferring to Coastal Carolina University, a school that he was really anxious to attend since they had a top P.E. degree program .

marcus bryant

         Marcus and his beautiful family take a snapshot. Photo used courtesy of Marcus Bryant on Facebook.

It was then that Marcus (who was really more of the quiet type) found out that he was better with the public than he’d originally given himself credit for. “While I attended Coastal Carolina I started working at this store called Guess, a clothing retailer,” he said. “That marketing knowledge I got from Spartenburg Methodist really came in handy there. I was selling so much merchandise that after just a little while they wanted to move me up into a Store Management position. I’ll tell ya, the money they were offering me as a broke college kid made me wanna quit school so I could work those extra hours. But I knew my Mama would’ve kicked my butt if I did.”

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As big a fellow as he is, she’s probably the only person that can! After his time at Coastal Carolina, Marcus moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to begin his much- anticipated dream of being a Certified Personal Trainer. “I landed a great job at a place out there called 24 Hour Fitness,” he said. “Let me tell you, man…I was in Heaven. They have a huge workout facility, swimming pools on the property, and basketball courts. I worked there for about two and a half years.”

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So, what makes a personal trainer want to get into real estate? “I’ve always been into beautiful housing,” he said. “My personal favorites are the Tuscan Mediterranean styles with the red Spanish Tiles on top. Other than that, I just wanted to try my hand at it. I talk to a lot of parents all the time. Many of them are looking to buy a home for the sake of their family, but just haven’t made that step yet. I have kids myself, and I remember how good it felt when I first became a homeowner. I just want people to feel like that.”

Hurricane protection was very important to Marcus when he renovated his own home here in Myrtle Beach. “I’ve simply seen what those storms can do, and I just wanted us to be ready in case one hit the beach,” he said. “For example, in addition to added-on window and garage protection, all of the doors in my home have a manual steel one that goes down in front of them. Mine was actually the first residence to make News Channel 15 in a story about home storm protection.”

Even though safety is most important to him, Marcus has also dressed up his residence as well. “I love the hardwood floors we have,” he told me. “My favorite recent change is my bedroom. I took all of the carpet out, and now have my dreamy, white marble floor I always wanted.”

Other than spending time with his wife and children, Marcus still enjoys exercise and keeping fit, good habits that he shares with the kids on the local baseball team he volunteers with every week.

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