London Architects Design a Glass Roof Extension

Discover the beauty of an all-glass roof.

glass roof

We have seen large glass doors, as well as spacious skylights before, but the idea of an all plate-glass roof is a relatively new concept. A couple of architects named Ran Ankory and Maya Carni from London however, have recently upgraded their Victorian terraced house to include a glass extension and the results are too fabulous to not share.

The property, located in Stoke Newington utilizes the renovated sloping glazed roof to create a transition between the living areas on the ground floor and the rooms below, including the kitchen and dining room. The home also features a lounge and a glass balustrade lined staircase that is gorgeous visually, even if it does seem like an accident waiting to happen.

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The best thing about the glass roof is that it allows daylight to filter down to the basement. The use of so much glass creates a seamless feeling throughout the house, making it the perfect home for a pair of architects and their children.

glass roof glass roof glass roof glass roof

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