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An Island For Sale Off the Coast of Maine

An entire island has hit the Maine real estate market.

hope island for sale

One of my biggest bucket list goals in life is to own a private island. I know this probably doesn’t make me special because most people probably harbor this same dream. Listings like this give me hope that my ambition will one day become a reality however, which is fitting since the the private island in question is named ‘Hope Island’.

Located just off the coast of Portland in Casco Bay, the 86-acre private island features over 10,000 feet of shore with both beaches and cliffs, as well as eight ponds, a 10,000 square-foot main house, several guest houses, a private pier, large boathouse, horse stable, several barns, a chapel, and a tavern. Basically Hope Island is it’s own mini city, powered by generators and underwater marine cables connected to a nearby larger island. Water is provided by 15 water wells with nine separate septic systems.

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If you are worried about being separated from society, Hope Island is only a 25 minute boat ride from Portland Harbor.

The private island is currently on the market for 7.95 million, which isn’t bad as far as private islands go.

So according to my bank account, I am only 7.95 million dollars away from owning my dream island. When I think about how beautiful this place must be during the season changes though, it makes me want to start saving now.

hope island for sale hope island for sale hope island for sale hope island for sale

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