Is the World’s Longest Skyscraper Coming to Manhattan?

Another crazy skyscraper design could join the New York skyline.

the big bend tower

I don’t know if there is some strange competition between all the major cities of the world to create the weirdest skyscraper design, but if there is, New York might be winning.

A new building design concept called The Big Bend was recently unveiled by architecture firm Oiio, which if completed, would be the ‘longest’ building in the world. That wording may sound a little strange, but because the design curves at the top, The Big Bend would essentially be two super-tall skyscrapers that connect at the top. The building would be located on Billionaires Row, and the sides of it would flank the Calvary Baptist Church. The total length of the building would be 4,000 feet which technically makes it a ‘megatall’, a description reserved for buildings taller than 1,968 feet.

The Big Bend would be taller than most of the other buildings in Manhattan, which probably won’t go over too well with New York preservation societies who are already trying hard to keep supertall buildings off of Central Park South.

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To be completely honest with you, I like of like weird skyscraper designs. Dubai basically looks like it was designed by a really creative child, but it is one of the most luxurious cities in the world.

dubai skyline

I doubt The Big Bend concept will ever come to fruition, but my opinion is, if we are going to build skyscrapers, we might as well think outside the box in every way, including building designs that take the term ‘form over function’ to new heights, and lengths.

the big bend tower

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