How to Winterize Your Rental

Winterize your apartment or home to take advantage of energy savings.

winterize your home

I know it may be jumping the gun a bit, but winter is going to start approaching soon, so it’s never too early to think about energy saving techniques, even in a rental.

Winterizing typically makes more sense for homeowners as a way to protect their investment, but renters can also take advantage of the savings, and make their home more comfortable for the colder months. An energy-efficient home not only requires less energy to heat and cool, but reduces bills, dependency on fossil fuels, and less air pollution from power plants. Basically, it is not only good for your apartment, but good for the Earth as well.

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Start with plugging leaks. Sealing and insulating ducts can improve efficiency of heating and cooling by as much as 20 percent. Flimsy windows that don’t close all the way, gaps under doors, and any cracks that allow cold air to get inside should be addressed. You can fix these small problems with weather-stripping, caulk guns for cracks, and door sweeps underneath door gaps.

Second, take a look at your AC units and electrical outlets. Buy covers for both internal and external AC units, and install foam gaskets under your electrical outlets to seal the air inside. These are also good investments because you can take them with you when you move.

Be mindful of your heating strategies. Easy things like lowering your thermostat, using space heaters, and thick comforters at night and help keep costs and carbon footprints down. Move any furniture away from radiators so your heat sources aren’t blocked, and set your ceiling fan in reverse so it pushes warm air downward.

No matter what season it is, we all have to be mindful of the effect our daily choices have on the environment. Using these techniques to winterize your rental are just one small way we can make our lives and our planet a little more pleasant.

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