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A House That Only Takes 6 Hours to Build

Every day homes are getting easier to purchase and install.

flat pack homes

In terms of home purchasing and design, it’s a really exciting time to be alive. Design companies all over the world are always coming up with new ideas on how to live, and homes are getting easier and easier to purchase, deliver, set up, and own.

An Italian company called Renato Vidal has recently released a new flat-pack home that only costs $33,000.00, and can be assembled anywhere by three people in just 6 hours.

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Like most modular and flat-pack homes, the house is customizable, for anything from a 290-square-foot space to a 904-square-foot home (for an increased price of $73K, obviously). Every model comes with a bathroom, kitchen connections, a staircase, and all the important installation things you may need. The homes are also customizable with solar panels, gray water systems, and LED lights, so it can be set up without a concrete foundation for off-the-grid living, and a much lower carbon footprint.

As more people adopt the off-the-grid mobile lifestyle, home solutions like this are likely to get more and more affordable. In fact, with all these options I am surprised anyone buys a solid-foundation home anymore.

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