5 Home Design Trends That Will Define 2016

Get a look at the hottest 2016 architecture & design trends everyone will be talking about, as told by Matias Alem, CEO & Founder of Miami-Beach based BRG Homes.


Matias Alem chats about the 5 home design trends he sees defining the look and feel of real estate in 2016.

1. Sustainability will drive design and architecture. We see companies and consumers caring more about social, economic and environmental issues now than ever before. Architects and designers in tune with these demands will always be one-step ahead in the market and will show their clients more value as a company. For example, Oceana Bal Harbour, not only does the building have one of the most exclusive locations in the last ocean-front land of Bal Harbour, but is also the only one to have it’s building LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guaranteeing that everything was thoughtful designed and built using green and energy-efficient strategies. 

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2. Efforts to achieve new forms in design. The increase of technology in the design scene has helped architects and designers achieve forms today never done in the past. This effort will press forward as architecture and design are elevated to art. Zaha Hadid, an architectural icon, always surprised me with new forms- and beyond that- with real innovation in her designs. Take as illustration her acclaimed building on West 28th Street, in New York. As part of the amenities, the future residents will have exclusive access to the city’s first private IMAX Theater. Not forgetting her breathtaking 1000 Museum in Miami, with it’s external skeleton look. The units in the building will not have beams, structures or other elements that restrict how floors and walls can be laid out.

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3. Organic Architecture & Design. Organic forms and materials are increasingly being used in new projects and we should see this trend escalate in 2016. This concept is everywhere – you even see your supermarket offer the same options of the well–known product, but in organic form. Organic is trendy in all markets and it’s no different with architecture and design. In the past few years we brought to our projects the natural wood, natural palette of colors, natural fabrics as well as organic and mate finishes delivering modern and sustainable designs. 

4. Increase of Technology in Buildings & Design. The tech movement for the building and home has been on an explosion this decade and we should see this trend continue to explode the next years. All BRG projects include home automation- and it’s not only air conditioning systems regulating the temperature of your home- it’s your shades moving accordingly to the sunlight, saving energy is one of the biggest home design trends, and also giving more longevity to air conditioning systems and similar equipment.

5. Art and Architecture. The trend of using artists to sell condos isn’t new, but commissioning art and sharing it with residents has become key, since those who invest in real estate also tend to have a strong interest in art. An art offering is key, especially in a market saturated with amenities more outrageous than the next building. Condos like Oceana, for example, are using art to stand out from the pack by displaying two art-pieces by the famous American artist, Jeff Koons. The two massive pieces are evaluated in $14 million alone. The fact that you can have museum- quality art in the comfort of your own “home”, I’m sure made a difference.

Matias Alem is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Realty Group (BRG), a Miami Beach based real estate agency specializing in high-end real estate and prime locations. Matias is a licensed real estate broker with over 15 years experience in South Florida.Matias has sold, designed and built significant high-end homes in South Florida, many of  which were sold with record-high value per square feet. 

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